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Ubah Sikapmu, maka Hidupmu akan Berubah | Attitude is Everything

BERDEBAR [ • ] When you change your attitude, then you will change the world you live in. Hello all! My name is Michael. Welcome to my channel: Si Kutu Buku! This time I will discuss Jeff Keller’s book Attitude is Everything. Before we start, for those of you who want to support this channel to keep creating,

It’s really easy, you just click subscribe and turn on the bell. Your support really helps so that we can post regularly and learn together on this channel. This book discusses the importance of one’s attitude and behavior in achieving success. Because of the importance of this, there is even a parable,

Change your attitude, then your life will change. Jeff describes steps to take over their lives and unleash their extraordinary potential. He also spoke of his experience of making career changes from being initially a lawyer to becoming a well-known speaker of his time. I summed it up into three key points from this book:

First, Our attitude is a window into the world. Jeff started out as a lawyer and led a pretty comfortable life. Even so, he felt that something was missing in his life, Jeff was not satisfied with the work he was doing. Over time, he was frustrated and accidentally came

Across a TV commercial about a course called The Mental Blank, the point is about how everything we achieve is based on our subconscious beliefs. From that course, Jeff began to read more deeply on this topic. His life slowly changed, all this started when he changed his negative attitude to a positive one.

Four years later, Jeff decided to quit his job as a lawyer and become a speaker helping others change their lives. Maybe a lot of people find it hard to believe, but it needs to be realized, that success is a state of mind.

If you want to be successful, then you have to think of yourself as a successful person. All of this culminates in a person’s attitude and behavior in living life. Our attitude is a mental filter that we use to see the world, just as when we wear red glasses,

Everything looks red, so does our attitude. Some people have an optimistic mental filter, while others have a pessimistic filter. This is the difference between “I can” and “I can’t.” People with a negative attitude think about problems while people with a positive attitude think about possibilities.

Try to remember, when you were a child and started learning to walk, you would have failed many times, but in the end, after many failures, you could run well. However, as we get older, our attitude is not like that child in seeing the world.

Our minds are already filled with criticism, stories of past failures, and rejection that ultimately affect our attitude towards the world. Therefore, it is important to erase all past negative experiences that often hold back and hinder our performance. Remember, when you start something,

You have a new beginning and it is not relevant to past failures. There is an interesting sentence. We will become what we think. Jeff introduces an idea that is dominant thought. So, dominant thought is something that occupies our daily mind. If we are constantly thinking about a goal,

Then we will take steps to move towards that goal. With a negative attitude, we will never take that first step. If we continue to think negatively, then we will result in negative actions. Instead, we have to train positive thinking, always think positive until it becomes a habit.

Ultimately, this belief will get us where we are now and the way we think about things from this point on will take us to the future. Second, being alert to words. Words have tremendous power. Jeff believes that words can build the future, destroy opportunities, or help maintain the status quo in life.

The choice of words will determine your personality. Remember, thoughts will become speech, speech will become belief, belief will become action, and actions will become results. Earlier, we discussed the importance of guarding our minds, so this time we have to pay attention to what we say carefully.

There is an interesting example in this book. Tom is a salesperson at a company. He had the idea that he wasn’t very good at selling. This thought does not appear only once, but is repeated in his daily life, hundreds or even thousands of times.

From that thought, Tom began to use speech to support his thinking. He told his friends and colleagues that he would never make it in sales or that he hated having to make sales calls. This sentence was often said, even when he was talking alone. In the end, this remark strengthened his belief

That he would not be successful in sales and that he would not make a lot of money. Because Tom doesn’t believe in his ability to sell, he takes little action or does some unproductive activity. This in turn leads to a very poor performance. This is an example of the power of speech,

What you say about yourself will start to come true if you are not careful. You can practice keeping your word and start by answering the question, how are you? This may seem a simple question, but the response you say has a big impact. Jeff divides them into three categories, namely

Positive, mediocre, and negative. We should always avoid negative answers because they drain our energy and those around us. Our words will affect our physiology, for example like this, if our answer to the question how are you, is in bad shape, then often our posture and emotions will reflect that response.

The second category is mediocre answers. This is an answer like the usual. People responding like this will lose their energy so it will have mediocre results. While the third category is a positive response. This is the response suggested by Jeff when we answer the question how are you with

Great answers , super amazing, extraordinary, and so on. While this may sound like a little over the top to some people, this will help boost self-confidence and create a positive outlook. Third, check your closest circle. There is an interesting expression. You will become part of the environment around you.

In the end, you will become the average of everyone you spend time with. The people we spend most of our time with will determine our outlook and future because they greatly influence our thinking and our actions follow. Jeff divides the people into two categories : poisonous people and nutritious people.

People who are poisonous always think about negative things. They try to drag you into their circle, they tell you all the things you can’t do, and they suck all the positive energy from you. Conversely, nutritious people are positive and supportive types. They are happy people and live their lives with joy.

By being near them, you will feel better. Look again at your closest circle, have your circle been a poisonous person or a nutritious person? Thoughts will become speech, speech will become belief, belief will become action, and actions will become results. The mind that is awake will give extraordinary results.

Please comment in the comments column, what lessons did you get when reading this book. Besides that, also comment on what book you want me to review in the next video. I’ll take my leave, don’t forget to subscribe to SI Kutu BukuYoutube channel. Bye bye!

Saya membahas review dan rekomendasi buku Attitude is Everything – Ubah Sikap Anda Maka Hidup Anda Akan Berubah karya Jeff Keller. Mindset orang sukses menarik untuk dipelajari, bagaimana cara merubah sikap dan perilaku maka akan mengubah masa depan. Kita bisa memulai dengan cara mengubah pola pikir negatif menjadi pola pikir positif. Perlu dipahami, dengan mengubah sikap dan kebiasan buruk seperti mindset orang gagal, maka akan mengubah nasib. Buku ini membahas pentingnya sikap dan perilaku seseorang dalam meraih kesuksesan. Saking pentingnya hal ini, bahkan ada perumpamaan, ubahlah sikapmu, maka hidupmu akan berubah.
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1. Kita akan menjadi apa yg kita pikirkan, berfikir lah positif
2. Ucapan, kata-kata memiliki kekuatan
3. pikiran akan menjadi ucapan, ucapan akan menjadi keyakinan,keyakinan akan menjadi tindakan, tindakan akan menjadi hasil
4. Cek lingkungan karena Kamu akan menjadi sebagian dari mereka

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ucapan adalah do'a…ucapan cerminan pribadi kita

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Bukunya bahasa indo kan bang

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Di gramedia ada kak?

1 tahun ago

Intinya selalu berpikir positif, karena pikiran yg positif bisa merubah diri dan masa depan yg lebih baik

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Izin share kak, terima kasih banyak ilmunya

11 bulan ago

Berfikir, berkata dan bertindak positif

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hidup dilingkungan yang beracun.

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keren kak, gua dapet inshight setiap hari lewat chanel ini
semoga semakin semangat memberi summary untuk kita, subscribermu

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Mudah2an baik

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Saya rutin dengar ini.dan gak bosan❤

8 bulan ago

Mantafff energi positif yang sangat luar biasa… Salam dr Jombang Jatim..

5 bulan ago

Mantafff energi positif yang sangat luar biasa… Salam dr Jombang Jatim..

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5 bulan ago

Saya nnton lagi resume si kutu buku ini stelah saya sadar ilmu low of attraction. Nyambung bangt. Thankyou si kutu buku. Kita harus positif thinking guys. Dan mengurangi orang2 yg toxic.

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Luar biasa kutu buku, jadi ingin baca bukunya, saya sangat setuju dengan pemikiran ini dan saya merasa saya adalah orang yang seperti ini yang positif thinking , Berhati-hati dalam berbicara, dan suka bergaul dengan orang pintar, sukses dan baik.

4 bulan ago

Diri kita akan menjadi apa yg kita pikirkan, belajar melakukan hal yang positif² jangan yang negatif dan
Jika kita ingin mendapatkan hasil yg baik dlm proses kita harus bertindak yg terbaik/ kasih yamg terbaik.( Apa yg kita tabur itulah yg akan kita tuai ) jika kita menabur dengan proses yg baik pasti hasil nya akan baik😊. Terima kasih

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Sangat baik sekali 🙏🙏🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

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Terima kasih banyak kak🙏

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