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Bicara Kebebasan Pers di Era Digital bersama Maria Ressa (Rappler) & Endy Bayuni (The Jakarta Post)

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Post skull until sugar they want on us independent Facebook hello Andy Cabrera any can keep ing Manila unda but punish young baggy cathodic Alan and Percy to stock up on pretty happy in can Chemeketa langsam anon maria de manila hi Maria I did Maria my condolences and

Deep concern it’s a sad day for us here in the press when we have the media journalists are being criminalized for doing their job now on the 15th of june the manila court has convicted you and a colleague from repli’d calm with a cyber libel and that

Could mean up to six years in jail could you for us in Indonesia who’s not too clear on what you know these charges are that you’re facing at the moment and about the cyber law itself could you just you know go back and tell us exactly what is going on well I think

You have to look at everything in context the attacks against rapper the movie I lead is began four years ago in 2016 and it started first with online social media tax that attack targeted we targeted the company targeted our reporters to the tune of like 98

Messages per hour and then a year later those same attacks it’s very simple journalists equals criminal a year later this came out of President Putin s mouth in his State of the Nation Address in 2017 a week later we got the first subpoenas appear and in 2018 the Philippine government filed eleven cases

And investigations against and Rattler 2019 I had the arrest warrants come I was arrested twice the ones we’ve had the post bail eight times in order to be free I have to ask permission from court to travel and there are three broad buckets first is this case cyber libel

Which is basically libel the second is tax evasion and the third is a group on securities fraud in this particular case we were pretty certain we had hoped it would get thrown out but precisely because there were legal acrobatics that had to happen the allegation is that we defamed this businessman who had

Political and business ties to people who are influential in government we we thought we were clear on the charge because the government’s own lawyers actually threw it out rightfully so they said that the statute of limitations the period of time when you can trial the case has elapsed this

Story was published in 2012 months before the law we allegedly violated was even enacted right so this is a retroactive application of the law and lo and behold I I and my column I for Mercalli race on to us have been convicted and again while it’s appalling it’s not completely unexpected

Considering that the cyber libel charge was filed about a month after the government tried to shut our office down tried to shut rapper down so in that context I just say two points that are hugely problematic and show a breakdown in rule of law the first is the period

Of prescription statute of limitations for libel it’s one year just to be able to file a case against us this court said that that prescription is now from one year to twelve years and then the second one is it’s very new this idea of republication that because we changed

One letter of one word two years after in 2014 that that man meant that we republish the story and because of that we should be charged with cyber libel so eleven charges against you now I mean what tell us a little bit I mean a day

If there any of these charges that can span on its unit leg are there needs sort of basis to these charges that you’ve been sort of directed against you and but then why I mean why repli’d calm is it because of perhaps you know rapido cons I’ve been particularly critical

Against the president detail or what what’s the real motive behind this do you think I can say the why easier and then I can say absolutely with certainty these are politically motivated charges that are meant to harass and to intimidate the why is because starting in 2016 we

Began to demand an end to impunity on two fronts the first is this brutal drug war our own Commission on Human Rights has said that at least 27,000 people have been killed in that’s unheard of and then the second level of impunity is against the government’s propaganda war

Using facebook so it wasn’t just the Philippine government was actually Facebook and we detailed we pulled down beta we showed you exactly how the government was using it I think it didn’t help that were while we’re a small news crew this is the only news group in the Philippines that isn’t

Backed by a big businessman the founders and the and the people running this the journalists running this have no other business interests so it doesn’t really help to try to pressure us on any we don’t we’re not rich we do this because we’re journalists but is there anything

That a personnel can wecan we see this as also a personal intimidation against you I mean what sue relations do I mean how presumably you know you know the president I mean what well I do I interviewed him in the late eighties for the first time as part of CNN and then I

Interviewed him again in 2015 when he hadn’t yet decided to run for office and you know one of the good things about interviewing to character is at that point he was so refreshing because he admitted that he killed three people in that interview you know he says things

It’s not personal I have nothing personal against mr. do Turkey is the president of this nation all I keep saying is let us do our jobs the fact that we keep getting targeted makes me think that maybe we should be doing more investigative journalism there must be something we haven’t found that they’re

Afraid of and you know frankly the only thing I can do is laugh about it because it is laughable we’re not going to stop our investigative journalism because they’re trying to bully us into silence no it’s not laughable I think it’s it’s concerning it’s certainly very tragic

And it doesn’t bode well for the future freedom or the independence of the present realistic quick break and we have nd by uni here as well you know quite well and I’d like to bring him into the conversation but Andy Keith is but I have something very let’s take a

Little break inside with me and where I can cigarette companies as I’d like Yeah inside with AC and worse I am assisted money Alessio rapala Maria Reza I’m Brad the Manila watt zoom dan juga dr. senior the Jakarta Post / sama Sara Lee studio and the by unit Maria let’s go back to you and you know a laundry list of charges against journalists

Against one social news network are there any other journalists having the similar sort of intimidation since the president a total detector became a president of the Philippines are there a lot of indications that the press is the enemy of the state yes absolutely we weren’t the first news

Food to be targeted by the deterrent administration the first was the largest newspaper the Philippine Daily Inquirer after cases were filed against the owners they were pushed to try to sell the newspaper to a businessman trend of president detective the second is the top television network abs-cbn and in

2016 president do character said that he would not renew the franchise to operate of abs-cbn on May 5th 2020 just a little over a month ago the franchise of abs-cbn elapsed and they were shut down by the government this is unheard of the last time abs-cbn was

Shut down was in 1972 when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law and they were shut down for 14 years right so where I would say we’re very small in the big scheme of of that we’re only a hundred people compared to the number of people who are employed by abs-cbn is

Eleven thousand people they have a new scoop of a thousand people right compared to our 100 total Rattler so we’re not alone I think the Latino journalists are aware of the conditions we operate in I think the difference with Rattler again without any other business interests to protect and we know with

The knowledge that not only is press freedom under attack but our democracy is under attack that our rights are being violated so you an ende know me I am NOT an activist I am a very traditional journalist and then ways but I when my own rights are violated I have

First-hand experience and I can speak yeah Maria this cyber law thing are you are you the first one to be convicted under this cyber law or yes the first one convicted to a jail sentence the first one convicted this is a new law that was passed in 2012 there was actually a

Temporary restraining order it was very controversial and it was held during that time period he supposedly republish the article the law wasn’t even in effect yet there was no mention of this in the verdict it was still under a TR oh by the Supreme Court so there are so

Many legal acrobatics to be able to call rapper to be able to call me a criminal and I will fight so there is a clear indication of harassment and intimidation and you have been getting support from journalists all over the world now Maria your time a person of

The year and so what what’s what’s happening now what’s what is protection for journalists in the Philippines at the moment are you getting good help are you getting good support I mean what’s the mood like a monster the media it’s it’s really hard to say desi because I

Think fear definitely is a factor in it because we’re surrounded by violence not only of the drug war but even our koban 19 lockdown is among the most militaristic in the world we’re entering our 13th week this week were in our 13th week tens of thousands have been

Arrested people have been killed for violating quarantine regulations but I think the big changes here are not only the lockdown the shutdown of abs-cbn that has sent a ripple and that’s a lot of journalists who will be losing their jobs if it doesn’t open soon and that doesn’t look

Like it’s going to happen but the third one is the passage two weeks ago of an anti-terror bill that essentially will strip away rights that anyone charged with being a terrorist and any critic can now be charged for being a terrorist they can be arrested without a warrant

And they can be held in jail held in detention for up to 24 days you know I that that bill has already passed through Congress it was hastily passed by our House of Representatives it is waiting for president interest signature so I think we feel and this is what I

Get from other journalists that were at the precipice of transforming losing our democracy and I mean I your thoughts I mean we see this is not just in the Philippines we’ve seen how almost everywhere ramen will particularly say the United States or you know Russia and particularly countries with

Authoritarian style leadership there’s a continuous sort of erosion of press freedom and the ability to criticize the leaders I mean it’s just a world that we are now really entering do you see like Maria’s case as an example of erosion of freedom of democracy in retreat everywhere in countries that have been a

Democratic for centuries for decades and now we are now seeing that they’re progressing in Asia we have a little bit but I think I feel fortunate not as bad as in Philippines having in many other countries but I think the trend is yeah it’s populism but also a little bit

Authoritarian traits and in some countries they become full authoritarian and I still believe in amok recei in the way to fight back against the rise of terrorism it’s actually true democracy Maria is a describe I think very well this is an illegal acrobatic and and but at the end

Of the day I think democracy is also means believe in the legal system believe in justice in a seminar yesterday Maria Ruiz are described that was is not a trial against it’s not a trial against Maria Riza or rapper but this is a trial for the Philippine justice I think this

Will be she has still records to appeal against a decision hopefully there will be you know a good decision in favor of dismissing the conviction and and then equip her and I think that’s when we believe that justice is served and democracy restored Maria what so what’s next for you

It’s are you going to go appeal all the way to the Supreme Court and what are the chances you optimistic that you know justice will prevail democracy will prevail in this instance it’s hard to say that right now the court gave us 15 days to file

Whatever we will file of course we will challenge this it’s a travesty you know I’m shocked at this because it’s I feel like the last few years the weaponization of the law and this verdict shows that rule of law is broken and I want the Philippine judiciary to

Prove me wrong we’re going to be meeting with our lawyers in a short while and we’ll get a better idea of how to do it but frankly this isn’t an issue of law it’s politics you know it is I don’t know what the Philippine government wants it’s very clear that we are we

Aren’t going to stop the journalists and what I learned when I was still in kindergarten when I went to delighted Said’s when someone bullies you you stand up to a bully and other people will come to your help okay we’ll take a little break but Maria don’t go anywhere

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Teleprompter wat phu who are bloomin blasting gasps – Eric Guzman blasts Yeah the lunges gone inside with the SE and one-sided money Alessio reform maria reza dari manila louis zoo bandar dr. senior the Jakarta Post and I buy you need and you get soggy and got every day one oversight the upon our summary Facebook nine in what’s happened in karma Salazar too

Young dilemma apology Maria verses the Judas Allah they are convicted their DeForest the lamrim Kasai below Attica criminally costly dunya my Anna and this Quran Adela or on panara face British Mary and Maria MD is now he is a member of the oversight yes Facebook oversight which is very

Important I remember Maria was here when she was with CNN international you were based in Jakarta that was during the time of the Suharto era it was a time and the censorship it was a time of there’s no press freedom and I think you also witnessed how Indonesia managed to

You know fight for its freedom of the press Amin but just very quickly do you think that freedom of the press all over the world especially what we’re seeing all over the world now is under threat and how how optimistic are you that we will ever gain like genuine freedom that

We fought for back in 1998 and that we you know until now try to hold on to rush freedom is under attack in fact I would say democracies are retreat are being forced to retreat and a lot that you know it’s because of these cheap armies on social media information

Operations that are targeting that are being used by authoritarian style populist leaders against journalists against human rights activists and opposition politicians the world is chanting again towards fascism and that has been enabled by technology so Andy our folks are with you for you to do something can you please

Journalists have lost our gatekeeping power it’s the world’s largest distributor of news today is Facebook absent since you are on their oversight board please you know they cannot abdicate responsibility to be the gatekeepers of facts because without facts nothing will will function we can’t have markets we

Can’t have elections and we can’t have democracy absolutely I think very important point here it’s not just the government attacking the media but it’s everybody is attacking the mainstream media and the social network you know that’s a social media is making it easier for hoaxes fake news and now what

We have like armies of buzzes and trolls that continuously trying to undermine the credibility of the mainstream media Andy this is a conversation that we should be having what what is to be done especially since you’ve been doing the oversight now one of the largest social media platforms I think all the social

Media companies are struggling under one hand they are providing good services because they give voice to everybody and that’s good and that’s good for democracy that’s good for free speech you know the freedom expression but on the other there are people out there miss misusing abusing the facility and

Not just ordinary people or groups but also sometimes the government are using the social media platforms to further their interests and all social media companies Facebook Google Twitter have been criticized because they are providing the platforms for people to use to attack to persecute to allow to bully and they also influence really

Important things like the election we’ve seen how social media influence this US election and also elections in Indonesia they are struggling for sure and I think they are trying to find ways of addressing these problems all of them think that they have they’re experimenting with all kinds of things

They put facilities where you can actually censor yourself in your Facebook account what can go into your into your account but on top of that there are mechanism for people to appeal against you know to the man that’s imposing we remove or if they were removed to demand that they were being

They should be restored I think all social media companies are trying to do that but they’re trying but I don’t see that they’re really doing anything because this is all for a lot of them it’s all about you know a profit there’s a you know that’s the motivation for

These companies it’s not democracy freedom of speech but let’s go back to the US you know we in the media because also this is a time for us to self reflect do you think that we in the media the meticulous the media and now as an institution as of one of the

Pillars of democracies our is our existence here at stake in terms of the credibility not just by populist government but by the users the people themselves well as a journalist I still believe that people need the services that we provide which is information verified in accurate and balanced and

All the things that we go through as a journalist I cannot see how democracy can function without an independent press the mainstream media companies we are all struggling financially because we have difficulties in the business model in this digital era and of course and then we also lose the influence at

One time we were controlling some extent the flow of information no we don’t we don’t control the narrative anymore now in a defensive well because everybody with a mobile phone and internet access they can be generous they can disseminate information whether it’s accurate or not the secondary but they’re disseminating information

And many times their stories were are doing who guevara not ours because we take our time we go to the procedures and we lost out that’s the reality of the social media and most people get their news information mostly through social media they don’t got to click my

Yes they get it from their whatsapp group that’s nice forward it from you know YouTube’s and made it becomes what’s called viral yeah Maria let’s what how about in in the Philippines I mean what’s a mainstream media’s you know us who work according to clear journalistic in a code of conduct and

Ethics I mean is as an institution it are we still credible well this is exactly what’s wrong with the social media platforms would with a company like Facebook for example you know you in 2016 the the narrative of journalists was replaced with criminal on social media that was the narrative that the

Government was pushing forward and then hums strip go forward fast forward to 2020 and you have a court now saying that I’m a criminal and that is being seated all over social media Facebook is our internet in the Philippines a hundred percent of Filipinos on the internet are on Facebook and the biggest

Problem right now is that Facebook is the source look Replogle couldn’t have grown without facebook right so I understand what is good about it or one of its face fact-checking partners here but the reality is that it is also the platform where the worst attacks are done against traditional journalists

Against media against people who have standards and ethics the news organizations it is also the same platform that is taking away the advertising revenue so you know one of the things I had hoped before Cobin 19 came along I thought that 2020 was going to be the year that big tech will learn

Enlightened self-interest and really protect the public sphere that hasn’t happened yet but the upside is that Facebook Twitter YouTube that they’re doing things to deal with the misinformation and disinformation of COBIT 19 they’re taking down tweets and posts of leaders gerbils scenario in Brazil Rudy Giuliani right they’re

Taking these that they labeled Twitter labeled Trump President Trump in the United States well here’s the problem will they do the same thing for political disinformation when journalists are under attack Methos when journalists are under attack democracy is under attack it it arose the trust of and the credibility of

Facts okay and on that note we take a little break I think Maria you’ve raised a very important point and we certainly will continue on along this topic after the break the pipe Roberson I got me inside with Lacey and while I can cigarette And SEO the rear AFRICOM Maria recipe Manila I was assumed dan juga led by Unni Reducto senior the ridi Jakarta person jakotsu burger and got a new one from our secondary Facebook knack very very important point that Maria raised now I mean Facebook being one of the

Largest but I think it’s a social media as a whole has really impacted and quite a lot of it is negatively on our existence as the sort of formal professional mainstream media those of us that worked with very clear you know not just the legal aspects but with code

Of conduct and ethics and we are accountable but this is a post truth world and it has been for some times and I see that it’s getting worse as the years go by and the kovin is not making things better because kovat means a much bigger government and an easier way for

Government to intervene what should we do in the future and need to make sure that we remain a strong pillar of democracy that our credibility is not constantly being eroded both by those in power and you know basically the those who actually use the social media which

Is now everybody for those in the journalism profession the answer is go back to the basics of journalism you know the platform has changed the the delivery’s change the packaging may have changed because the little error but I think the principle of journalism are still good under him for all time even

Now in this area the principal verification fairness in journalism covering both sides the sense of serving the public that remains and I think we have to hold on to that and then build our credibility because the even though we don’t have that holy or quasi monopoly in the flow of

Information we are still the one that people turn to I think even the kovat nineteen proof that people are looking for credible information they will go back to the established media that have built the trust and credibility and I think this is going to be the as we move

Forward or post copied 19’s I think people will realize that okay this all fake news or news that are not very fact they may be fun to read but at the end of the day they are looking for credible information they will come back to us especially we’ve seen in the United

States you know where the president is talking about you know against the mainstream media calling it fake news and you know liars and so on and so forth but do people my my sense is that people seem to trust at least instinctively that social media more than they trust the mainstream media if

They see it on the social media they immediately think it’s true but then even you know they watch it on the official on the mainstream media and there’s always this kind of that’s because we don’t really trust institutions are you getting that this that same sense and also that people

Don’t really care about facts I think especially with commit 19 there’s so many information out there and most of them our hosts are not accurate they look for news stories that they can depend on that they can rely on and I think the indicates of Indonesia they

Still have that trust on the media as I think in other states is like in the Philippines there’s a battle between the president and the mainstream media that is not happening in Indonesia we still have a little bit more trust towards the mainstream media not much for well I

Think people in social media or in the internet they are learning like if we go back to 2014 there was you know the election we have so many hoaxes going on and see after that people are beginning to realize all okay they’re hoaxes and they are becoming more discerning about the news

They start to unfriend their friends who are spreading the news even in in whatsapp they call up watch out this story is actually not verified maybe fake people then maybe the the learning process is probably a little too slow for us but it’s actually happening people are becoming more careful in what

They use and what they read and what they share through the social media now recently twitter has been doing sort of some fact-checking completely against Trump’s tweet and I think this is what differentiates the mainstream media in the social media this accountability you know you don’t know whether it’s true or

Not but should you know social media platforms be subjected to as rigorous if they want to perv a news if they want to carry news to like fact-checking and this is something that should be demanded of them in the future yes but not all of them because if you’re

Talking about all of them you can fact check everything like Facebook because we know that they can get very very influential particularly when it comes to election times and surely people need to have accurate information coming out of yes definitely but like I said some you know some of

The information out there should be to fact-check me if the certain certain criteria if the content are harmful or I could lead to a prosecution against a certain group of people on the election I think they’re still undecided whether to to our extent should social media actually censure the postings because

They could be especially within Iran to the election its political skills political propaganda and should you fact check for political propaganda I don’t think so so that’s it’s a gray area and this is something I think Twitter and Facebook have differences with the other side but we have not

Started working it so we have not discussed this problem within that for you I mean this is an important job that you’re doing Maria so now what what do you think should be done I mean with the social your social media based news platform do you think that you know

There should be a much more rigorous oversight well you know like fact-checking zhan platform such as you know Facebook and greater accountability at least in order to make sure that it’s not all you know full of hates and have you so I think I think fact-checking is

Is human and it will not be able to stem the tide of Lies let you know I let let me just define what social media platforms are today they’re behavioral modification systems right we put in our own data and then machine learning compiles it all to artificial intelligence and it knows us

Better than we know ourselves better than our most intimate relationship and it sells our most vulnerable moment to a message to anyone a company or a government that’s the reality of this right there’s a great book by Shoshanna soo bahk it’s called surveillance capitalism it’s when that kind of click

When when the advertising model of the social media platforms Facebook in particular meets exponential hate that is targeted by government’s again someone like me a journalist trying to work you have no defense against this and people are their minds are changed but let’s take a little break and I know

Maria you have to go soon but let me give you we only have one more segment so it could stay with us don’t go anywhere get base that Iseman that inside Veneziano where I can sing I can Barry Inside with ACN word on the wazoo Adam or ers a co journalist said you’re very Raptor calm than this video for say Messiah or dr. senior Larry the Jakarta first Maria you say good I know you have to go soon you have issues to deal with

How are you like the way I mean looking at you I see us I mean he was always smiling and cheerful but I’m sure it’s you know I wouldn’t want to be in your place Amina I hear that you’ve had you know death threats even and how are you

Coping really it’s almost like everything that I’ve gone through this is next year will be my 35th year that I’ve been a journalist and it feels to me like you know that was like going to the gym to prepare for this moment I’m okay only because I prepare for the worst

I think of the worst things that can happen and we drilled them you know we actually try to to figure out how we’re going to get beyond worst-case scenarios I think that is an unfortunate state of the world for journalists but that’s how we’ve survived for years the other thing

That I’ve learned is that we survived because of the kindness of strangers because journalists like you like envy all around the world they have been telling our stories and that’s part of what’s kept us both alive and me out of prison I think you know to me I continue

To appeal to Facebook part of the reason I am under such attack by the government is because it used Facebook to astroturf he attacks against journalists so I appeal and me you know and and my friends of things work out to stop any trends there we’re one of their

Fact-checking partners this is what happens when you don’t stop the attacks against us and it has to stop okay Maria before you go post truth era post covet in a very polarized world such as ours what do you see as still our role as a professional media our role our mission

The mission the standards and ethics of journalism has never been as important as it is today at a time when covert 19 it means that lies can kill right so our gatekeeping rules even that we’ve lost that’s even more important today I think we’re in the battle of our times and I

Never understood that saying that every generation has to fight for its democracy we went through the end of nearly 32 years of Suharto I went through I was I came back to the Philippines in 1986 when the People Power revolt happened and now my generation is having to fight for to

Define what the democracy of the future is gonna be like nd I believe and I’d see the co big bump we all talked about that people come to new screws for quality journalism there’s a bump to quality right so um I think aside from journalism I appeal to all of the people

Who love democracy this is it we need to define what that is going to be and that includes the citizens of our democracies as much as the social media platforms because I think technology will be a part of whatever future it’s going to be yes and it’s integral part I mean it’s

You know technology like like you mentioned especially for us now the challenge is not just the government the challenge is also algorithms a challenge yes there’s also things that we don’t know about and we don’t understand how things work you know things playing with our mind things knowing us best better than than

Anybody else Oh again Maria I wish you well and I hope justice will be upheld and also I hope you know democracy and freedom of the press will prevail in your case okay thank you know our BSI in a seminarian didn’t he said you gave an account of John Don Lamanna criminal is

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Exactly see I’m not some about them bye-bye stay safe

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Atau anda Punya Masalah Bicara Kebebasan Pers di Era Digital bersama Maria Ressa (Rappler) & Endy Bayuni (The Jakarta Post) ? ..!! DAPATKAN SOLUSINYA, KLIK DISINI

Begitulah sekilas tentang Bicara Kebebasan Pers di Era Digital bersama Maria Ressa (Rappler) & Endy Bayuni (The Jakarta Post) yang telah dilihat oleh 4564 penonton, semoga dapat bermanfaat untuk kita semua. © CNN Indonesia 3356 | #Bicara #Kebebasan #Pers #Era #Digital #bersama #Maria #Ressa #Rappler #Endy #Bayuni #Jakarta #Post

i've read your case maria ressa.
it turns out your media group accused an innocent person that he is a drug lord, murderer, human trafficker, etc. etc.
and now that person sued you in court and it was proven that all what you said was false and a libelous act. and now you kept on shouting press freedom.
how about be liable with your actions? if freedom of the press = can say anything to an innocent person even without proof, destroying his reputation, family, humanity, then that is called abuse of freedom.
actually you acted like the villain newspaper media boss in spiderman. the daily bugle. they just keep on doing defamatory acts to people.

3 tahun ago

Halah. Media sekarang itu kadang juga kelewat batas dalam menulis atau membuat judul. Termasuk konten nya juga. Ga usah munafik lah kalian para Reporter

3 tahun ago

Maria Reasa accused mr. Keng that his operation is drug related if you were in his position are you going to shut up and just watch your name drags down by a fake info? They're releasing article without fact checking that's for sure Mr. Keng has a good credibility as a businessman he's running a lot of bussiness that help our country It was personal for Mr. Keng journalist should be fair when it comes to this it was a libel not suppression of press freedom

3 tahun ago

She's releasing their article without fact checking don't care if their goin to hurt the person their targeting and telling people its a press freedom as a journalist they should know the code of ethics of their craft the accusations against Mr. Keng is a foul in any angle a bad journalism it is she has to face every consequences out there. Imprisonment is a best option for her

3 tahun ago

If you really do research and try to dig deep through reports, you will notice that Keng's statements are rarely published. Isn't it weird that both sides (Ressa and Keng) do not have equal opportunities to express their thoughts and sentiments on the issue? If you Google news about this controversial cyber libel case, you will start to question why not a lot of details about Keng were written. Not sure but it feels like a propaganda of concealing a certain truth from the public.

3 tahun ago

You should go to jail Maria Ressa!

3 tahun ago

Hoping Ressa's conviction serves as a lesson to Filipino journalists. The citizens of the country need correct details, factual data and accurate information. Rappler seems to be doing otherwise.

3 tahun ago

I pray to God that this woman goes to jail after what she did. She's also poisoning the mind of other filipinos who follow her.

3 tahun ago

If the media cannot even give us news reports that are fair, objective, accurate, well-researched and fact-checked, then who or what will provide these to us? What is funny and sad at the same time is that some journalists choose to distort other people's images and manipulate information in exchange of money or fame.

3 tahun ago

Stop spreading fake news Maria Ressa you're going to jail no matter what. You need to pay for what you did to Mr. Keng.

3 tahun ago

Stop publishing a fake news in the Philippines you are destroying the right of an individual people live in the philippines. Stop spreading a fake news.
You're going to jail.

3 tahun ago

Maria Ressa is a criminal shes a Criminal journalist! Wake uo people!

3 tahun ago

All of maria ressa(rappler) news are lies and libelous!

3 tahun ago

Ressa is a criminal! And she not deserve a support cz she's example of bad journalism!!!

3 tahun ago

No to fake news, democracy is alive here in the Philippines. Ressa is a pet of America and oligarchs here in the Philippines. She committed a crime and she needs to pay for it.

3 tahun ago

Although it is the responsibility of the journalists to seek and report the truth, we cannot always say that the news being delivered to us are 100% objective. If we really look into writing and reporting, it is possible to inject a byline’s opinion to a news report without the audiences’ knowledge.

3 tahun ago

So don't go on blaming social media platforms. Because even if social media or the internet have affected people's behavior systems, this is still not a "proof" that the media does not contribute to the spread of fake news.

3 tahun ago

betul kata Mba desi anwar, bahwa kepercayaan publik terhadap media mainstream sudah mulai berkurang. saya pribadi pun terkadang agak menghindar dari fakta fakta yang dibawakan oleh media mainstream. Keraguan ini pasti tidak muncul secara tiba tiba, banyak faktor mulai dari goncangan politik yang ada di indonesia sampai kebijakan kekisruhan politik yang dilakukan oleh para pemangku jabatan pemerintah.

keraguan saya mulai muncul akibat penilaian saya terhadap kinerja yang dilakukan media mainstream yang tidak optimal. media mainstream saya nilai kurang kritis terhadap berbagai permasalahan yang ada dan tidak membuka fakta fakta yang mendukung perlawanan masyarakat kepada rezim sekarang. hal ini mungkin saya bisa dipahami karena memang media mainstream berfokus pada profit (sesuai kata mba desi) dan bukan untuk kepentingan rakyat. dan juga ditambah dengan dugaan kuat masyarakat dengan adanya intervensi pemerintah dalam independensi pemberitaan media mainstream (terlihat jelas dari berhentinya acara ILC di tv one).

3 tahun ago

you are a times of Marcos we are known as a Tiger of Asia…our economy is at the top….until Americans interfere.. black propaganda people were brainwashed because of fake mainstream media like ABS CBN owned by lopez that they found out in Congress that this media has no title of the land including tax our country a media outlet must be true Filipino citizen..thats our law….they cannot show original title of the land.. Westeners propaganda are still your country was colonized by Netherlands..A European country..and what Americans do with Iraq??they are telling that they have weapons of mass destruction??but they found nothing!!They destroyed Iraq.. Mainstream medias are paid..We FILIPINOS are happy with our president Duterte.. imagine his rating..and even though its pandemic He had a lot of infrastructure project.. Airport.. Seaport… Bridges.. Stupidity your are reporting can you say that Facebook are fake we have video's???!!!😂😂😂😂 Voodoo..Gila u!!!

2 tahun ago

A businessman filed a case against her.. it's not the government..You are a liar…

2 tahun ago

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