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Catatan Peter [ • ] Hello friends, welcome back to Catatan Peter, this time we will discuss freedom and responsibility for this material. I developed it by borrowing a work from k tentens entitled ethics, before we continue watching this video, please click the subscribe button first Freedom and responsibility are intertwined understandings meaning that they cannot be separated from one another. If we might say that humans are free, then this understanding always presupposes responsibility and vice versa, right ? freedom without responsibility and responsibility without freedom about

Freedom actually there are no humans who don’t know what freedom is because freedom is a reality that is familiar to all of us in life. freedom is the most essential or most basic element . appears when we want to express that experience

At the level of reflection or contemplation. It’s the same as with the term time, actually we already know what time is, but anyway, it’s going to be difficult for us to really formulate an explanation about time, so long as we’re not asked what freedom is or what it is. time,

We most likely know the meaning of freedom and time. But if we are asked directly, we get confused and cannot even give an appropriate answer. From this brief introduction, please friends, try to give your responses about freedom in the comments column, maybe someone can. gives a very good understanding of freedom

Now here are some meanings of freedom but first we have to differentiate between socio-political freedom and individual freedom from here We also have to be able to distinguish the subject that relates to these two freedoms for socio-

Political freedom the subject is the people or a nation can also be said to be a state while individual freedom is the subject of that individual, yes the individual itself for social and political freedom is not something that has always been there, but mostly

A product of historical development or if for example, we can say more precisely the product of struggles throughout history In modern history, socio-political freedom is divided into two forms. The first form is the achievement of people’s political freedom by

Limiting the absolute power of the kings. I have explained in a video about the meaning of the Charta in the history of human rights, while the second form of this freedom consists of the independence achieved by countries. First, we will discuss about people’s freedom versus absolute freedom .

Two countries that played an important role in European history and world history became pioneers in realizing social and political freedom according to its first form, namely England and France in England. restrictions on the power of the kings took place gradually over a

Long period of time, one of the first steps was the birth of a meaning document Charta in 1215 now a document that was forced by circumstances to be issued by king John to give certain liberties to the Barons and Bishops in England After the process of

Limiting the absolute power of the king or monarchy continues and can be considered finished with what is called the glorious Revolution in 1688 this name shows the events of William 3 and merist ascending to the English throne while recognizing and accepting the build of Rights this charter

We fill in the formulation of rights parliament over monarchy, yes in essence that incident was the victory of parliament over autocratic kings thus for the first time in history a modern democracy was formed where the People’s Representatives limited and controlled

The power of the king Then a century later in France the absolutism of kings was broken more suddenly and more dramatically through the French Revolution in 1789 which among other things resulted in King Louis the 16th being beheaded with a culoutin 1792

And a few months later followed by his wife Merry Anthony, different from England, the fighters for the French Revolution not only limited the actions of the King but also even overthrew the power of the kings in France which they named the old regime or engine. this is where we

Can properly understand the word freedom, clearly meant in the sense of socio-political freedom, even today the motto is still emblazoned above the entrance to every town hall in France, in essence, the main idea that the French revolution and the

Bloodless revolution in England wanted to realize. friend before that was the sovereignty of the people holding the highest authority or the sovereign, well actually it is an old name to show the sovereignty of the king but then after a while the people became aware

That the sovereign was not the king but the people basically this awareness grew because of the people’s distress and suffering as a result of oppression by The Absolute King is like collecting tribute , then there is forced labor, then there is arbitrary treatment, yes, and so on.

If in the past the French kings really carried out their government with the aim of making the people prosperous, it could be that the kings would never have been overthrown by a revolution, but the facts say otherwise, it turns out the people have bitter experiences, therefore the people assert

That unlimited power from an absolute monarchy cannot be accepted, that the sovereign is the people, therefore the power of kings must be limited and controlled, as happened in England or even more radically, that absolute monarchical power must be was simply abolished as happened in France with the French revolution

. The first form of socio-political freedom has two important notes . Pioneers in modern times in realizing democracy based on people’s freedom so modern democracy is very indebted to the two pioneer countries, including the Indonesian nation, we can get the basic value of

Freedom in the 45th law which upholds freedom in the hands of the second people, more closely related to ethics or ethical, the idea behind social-political freedom in the first form is basically ethical. Development from absolute monarchy to modern democracy is not only a historical fact but also an ethical necessity

. no one can be usurped by any dictator, people’s sovereignty must be complete in the hands of the people and must not be in other institutions, that is an ethical requirement. Now we will enter into socio-political freedom, namely its second form, namely independence versus colonialism.

The colonization which in our time has been approximately completed or has been completed freedom in this form we often term with the word independence now in modern times many new countries have won their

Independence since the end of the 18th century starting from the continent of America the United States of America was the first country to relinquish itself from the grip of British colonialism with the Declaration of independence in 1776 American independence was actually inspired by the colonial state itself, namely

England, starting from the meaning of Charta to the Bill of Rights for American independence and then becoming an influence on the second wave of the French Revolution in the decolonization process that occurred after the world war 2nd, firstly in Asia then in Africa now in both regions there is no longer

Colonialism but several countries in the region have their status of independence still being questioned due to specific historical reasons the second form of the idea of ​​social and political freedom is also ethically inappropriate for a country colonized by other nations, colonialism can never

Happen again after centuries of colonialism being considered normal or normal now The colonialism system must be rejected because it is indeed unethical. This ethical view is also formulated precisely with the first sentence in the Preamble to the 1945 law which reads that

In fact independence is the right of all nations and therefore colonialism on earth must be abolished because it is not in accordance with humanity and courts then later in the Global order in 1960 the countries of the United Nations or the United Nations agreed on

A Declaration which basically has the same content the right of all colonized nations and countries to determine their own destiny. the first form of politics is people’s freedom versus the absolute freedom of kings and the second form is independence versus colonialism or colonialism, while we will discuss freedom

In the individual realm in the next video and don’t forget to continue to provide your support by clicking subscribe like share and comment yes Peter’s notes are growing. Thank you for watching this video, we’ll meet again in the next video, see you

Dalam video ini, kita akan menjelajahi konsep yang penting dan sering diperdebatkan tentang kebebasan sosial-politik. Kebebasan sosial-politik adalah prinsip yang mendasar dalam masyarakat yang berfokus pada hak asasi manusia, partisipasi politik, dan keseimbangan antara kebebasan individu dengan kepentingan kolektif.

Dalam pembahasan ini, kami akan mendefinisikan kebebasan sosial-politik dan melihat aspek-aspek kunci yang terkait dengan konsep ini. Kami akan mempelajari bagaimana kebebasan berpendapat, kebebasan berekspresi, dan kebebasan berkumpul menjadi elemen penting dalam mencapai masyarakat yang inklusif dan demokratis.

Selain itu, kita akan melihat implikasi dari kebebasan sosial-politik terhadap stabilitas politik dan perlindungan hak-hak individu. Kami akan membahas dampaknya pada pembentukan kebijakan publik, partisipasi politik, dan upaya menciptakan sistem yang adil dan berkeadilan.

Dalam video ini, akan disajikan contoh-contoh kasus nyata untuk memperjelas konsep kebebasan sosial-politik dalam konteks dunia nyata. Kami akan membahas tantangan dan perspektif yang berbeda terkait dengan kebebasan sosial-politik serta menggali bagaimana perbedaan pendapat dan konflik dapat dikelola dengan bijaksana dalam rangka mencapai masyarakat yang lebih harmonis.

Apakah kebebasan sosial-politik memiliki batasan? Bagaimana hubungannya dengan etika dan tanggung jawab sosial? Semua pertanyaan ini akan dijawab dalam video ini saat kita mengeksplorasi dan merangkum pentingnya kebebasan sosial-politik dalam membangun masyarakat yang inklusif dan berkelanjutan.

Saatnya untuk memperdalam pemahaman kita tentang kebebasan sosial-politik. Sertai kami dalam perjalanan ini untuk mengeksplorasi konsep yang penting dan relevan ini. Jangan lewatkan kesempatan ini untuk memperluas wawasan kita dan memperkuat pemahaman kita tentang kebebasan sosial-politik.
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