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BERDEBAR [ • ] [Applause] thank you universitas Indonesia has been recognized as a world-leading and globally respected research University universitas Indonesia continues to pursue the highest achievements in terms of innovation development and Novelty in science universitas Indonesia has three study clusters with 14 faculties two postgraduate programs and a vocational education program During the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 to early 2022 universitas Indonesia has established a health promoting University program that enables student involvement in controlling and promoting Health to their cohorts universitas Indonesia has succeeded in becoming the best campus in Indonesia and keeps pushing itself constantly to be in the high rankings of rural universities

In addition universitas Indonesia has conducted research collaborations with many institutions foreign partners and universities In 2021 more than 2 000 universitas Indonesia students participated in student exchange programs abroad as well as more than one thousand inbound students studying at universitas Indonesia not only students but lecturers also go on inbound and outbound teaching visits more than 800 lecturers teach at other campuses abroad Universitas Indonesia actively collaborates with many world-renowned universities and several Education and Research associations as well as collaborations with faculty Networks Foreign chance for you to win the competitions you must develop your own personal capabilities beyond your academic qualifications being a UI graduate brings a lot of opportunities for me since I was shaped by great lecturers friends seniors and organizational experiences both academically and socially which I’m really thankful for

Green metric one of universitas Indonesia’s innovations that has been widely recognized internationally as the world’s first university ranking based on a high commitment to manage the campus empowerment The University of Indonesia needs to build constructive interactions between departments based on the principles of togetherness transparency accountability responsibility Independence and fairness the essence of the University’s social responsibility is how we address through teaching research and public affairs participation so that we can become a place of hope for future development in

Addition how does universitas Indonesia makes a real contribution to the government through in-depth analysis related to strategic issues and National policies Innovation and Entrepreneurship are important components of universitas Indonesia’s intellectual ecosystem In our engineering Labs we not only conduct research we also innovate in areas including but not limited to medical instruments scientifically Advanced designs and electric vehicles The process begins when University of Indonesia academics identify a problem and come up with a solution University of Indonesia academics who come from different fields of study seek Solutions through various research materials research and creative Innovation until we find a solution to make an impact on society we have built a startup culture

Over the past few years that inspires academics to have a problem-solving approach and for more than a decade we have been working hand in hand with government state-owned Enterprises and private Enterprises in empowering small medium scale business sector and Entrepreneurship development as a part of sustainable development goal

We’ll learn we do research we innovate and now we are transforming universitas Indonesia towards an entrepreneurial University

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